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Chelmsford Rooms to Rent Availability:

Due to the high quality of the rooms that we offer, we operate with a very high occupancy rate (100% over the last 14 years) and therefore our rooms are in high demand. However, due to the number of rooms that we have we do have a regular, small supply of rooms becoming available and so it is advisable to contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in any of our rooms or would like further information.



The price of the room relates to the size of the room itself and the facilities that the property has to offer. As a guide:


Single rooms ( £400 per month) – These rooms would include a single bed and mattress, wardrobe, chest of drawers, desk and chair.


Double rooms (£470 per month – £595 per month) – Some double rooms are suitable for two people and the price would then be increased by £70 / £100 extra per month. These rooms would include a double bed and mattress, wardrobe, chest of drawers, Sofa, desk and chair.


Double Room Ensuite  (£595 per month – £695per month) – These rooms would include a double bed and mattress, wardrobe, chest of drawers, Sofa, desk and chair. You would also have your own dedicated ensuite facility contained within your bedroom.(for two people and the price would then be increased by £70 / £100 extra per month)


All prices are inclusive of: Gas, electric, water, Council tax, fibre wireless broadband, weekly cleaner, gardener and off road parking. In the properties there are washing machine (some properties there are washing machines and tumble dryer), iron board, iron and  hoover.



If you are renting a room in one of my properties in Chelmsford we will issue you with an AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) which is a standard document for renting rooms and properties. Ideally we would like every tenant to sign for at least 6 months however we can be flexible and offer shorter tenancies should you require it. Please speak to us about your circumstances if that is the case.



- You pay a deposit equal to the equivalent of one months rent which is then registered with the Deposit Protection Service. This is then returned to you at the end of your     .  tenancy. Deposits must be paid in advance of moving into a room and must be in cleared funds if you wish to move in quickly. 

- NO DEPOSIT, if you will choose this option, we will require to take an insurance from of the cost of 1 week rent and an increases of rent of 5%.


Tenancy Fees:

Tenancy Application Fee (assuming a minimum 6 month contract) = £100.00


Rent Payment:

The payment can be made by standing order or cash


Rent Arrears:

1st time your rent has not been paid by the due date will incur a charge of £50 of the rental amount

2nd and subsequent time your rent is not paid by the due date will incur a charge of £100 of the rental amount

Notification of imminent issue of County Court Summons = £50.00

Further legal charges = As applicable

Interest on arrears = 4% over BOE base rate


Other Charges:

Standard key cutting = £50.00 per key

If keys are lost, standard key cutting cost + standard lockout fee will be charged

Standard “lock-out” charge:

9am – 5pm Mon-Fri = £50.00

After 5pm and weekends = 75.00

Non return of keys at the end of the tenancy = £50.00

Please note we do not provide a 24hr call out service!!


Additional Tenancy Charges:

Landlord has genuine reasons for believing that the Tenant has abandoned the property and has to visit = £60.00

If the tenant wishes to switch rooms at any time throughout the contract = £0






1. If a tenant should be disrespectful, abusive or aggressive against another tenant, the Agent/Landlord can at any time give that tenant 14 days notice to leave the House.


2.​At the end of a tenancy a tenant must provide a minimum 30 Days notice to end on a Contractual Date, if not the Agent/Landlord has the right and can retain a full 30 days rent from the rent deposit to cover a 30 Days notice period.


3. At the end of the tenancy the room must be left in the same clean state as it was provided at the start of the tenancy, the Agent/Landlord will inspect the room and if it should fail the inspection, the Agent/Landlord will charge £75 for a professional clean.


4.​If a tenant were to cause malicious damage to a room or the house, the Agent/Landlord has the right to evict that tenant immediately and charge for any the repairs. 


5. At check in the Agent/Landlord will supply a set of keys for the Room and Front Door, a set of dinner plates and allocated space in the kitchen cabinet and fridge/freezer.


6. At check out the tenants MUST return all keys (missing or lost keys will be charged at £35 each), missing dinner set items will becharged at £5 each, the fridge/freezer and kitchen cabinet space must be left clean and empty ready for the next tenant.


7. Pets and children under 16 are NOT permitted in the rooms or within the property


8. The Agent/Landlord will not be responsible for any loss or stolen belongings inside or outside the property. 


House Rules:

No smoking inside the property

Cigarette butts outside the property must be put in the bins and not thrown on the floor or pavement

Parties are not allowed in the house

Tenants shall refrain from creating any noise that is disturbing to other tenants,

Between the hours of 11pm to 7am is a sleeping time, so No Noise,

No Cooking, No high volume music or TV, No washing machine

After Cooking, cleaning Must be done straight away and not left dirty or messy for the next person

Always leave the Bathroom clean for the next person to use

Hall and stairs are a means of escape and MUST be kept clear and free of any objects at all the times

For safety reasons, open flames are not allowed inside the property or on covered porches; this includes, but is not limited, to candles and barbecues


All bicycles must be parked in designated bike racks if provided. At no time may bicycles be locked up in garden areas or walkways.


Contact Ricky Rooms on: 07916349313

57 Navigation road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 6ND

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